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The Information technology revolution in the last four decades has completely changed the societal setup and brought unending transformation which is still beyond the imagination of average human being. This has further been compounded by the whole world in human palm with just a touch of finger on android mobile phones. With the advent og desktop computers in early decades , it was feared that it would bring unemployment for many young people. But this doesnot happen ,factually speaking a computer literate has proved to be more efficient and accurate.Now with outbreak of pandemic corona virus 19,the concept of work from home through Internet links followed by official meetings through various apps has made the jobs and employees more accessible, accountable and available 24/7 coupled with efficiency on the one hand and on the other save traffic congestion, fuel consumption etc and above all the spread of pandemic caused by greater socialization and physical interaction in offices.


Published by Shahzad Butt

well educated with positive approach for greater integration and understanding among humanity

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