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How badly Trump damaging republicans and the politics.

 Republican party has been badly damaged by Trump’s nonserious and jugular attitude which is never expected from the Head of superpower,who rule the world.

Trump didnot seem to realize that his amassed wealth cannot win election for him.He had been criticized a lot for his immaturity on number of issues.This is probably the first time that he pleaded for rigging and manoevering the american elections.

But this happened even in states where republican had never lost elections.This rhetoric of him is badly damaging the republicans rather than focusing on next elections Trump has directed their attention on false apprehensions of turning around the table through his legal battle ,which will set a bad precedence for the superpower and the great people.

Now its also a challenge for Biden administration to devise international policies and domestic policies in line with national objectives and interests .The solution lies in aggressive actions for fulfillment to reverse the damages of previous regime and their remnants.

But stillthe Biden’s focus will remain focused on afghanistan soil, middle east ever changing scenario and deeper entry of china in middle east and europe markets,and above all to safeguard Israeli interests at every forum


Published by Shahzad Butt

well educated with positive approach for greater integration and understanding among humanity

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