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World has transformed

  The societies have been changed significantly overrun by materialism and changed norms.Earlier the ethical and social values reigned supreme.It was a family cohesion and every member of society was associated with each other.The care and social responsibility in the family was overwhelmingly felt.

With the industrial revolution and ushering of innovative technology and revelation of materialistic values, the structure of the society overturned.

Not only this but this extraneous influence of materialism and consumerism affected the whole fabric of family structure and other aspects of life like judiciary,education,health,etc has the bad affects and all services are now commercialized.

What does the human need i.e basic need like health, education,food and shelter and above all justice.So such services should have been provided free of charge but for human survival and fulfillment of these basic needs, the havenots and poor who couldnot afford to pay for these services are exploitrd by the have or rich people.

This has been going on even before the dawn of materialism, the major shift is that these services are beyond the reach of poor people.

This change is prevalent everywhere ,whether developed or underdeveloped societies.The mutinational and their increased role in commercialize the life, has changed the consumer pattern of the people.This has led to change in cultural and social values

There seem no end to it ,the per capita income is not growing with the flood gates of market products and shopping malls.Income is getting less and consumption is growing thus leaving a huge gap between income and expenditure.

Especially the technology and innovative new gadgets are hardly to meet the competition.The advancement in electronic equipments,mobile laptops even car models attract the consumers to replace or buy the new product.Similarly the food markets and travel adventures have all changed the spectrum of life.

This doesnot seem to have any end .With the growth of materialism and consumerism,we are getting far away from family lives and norms .This has made the man to live away from nature and thus even with all the comforts and modernity ,the man is unsatisfied and mentally disturbed rather not peaceful.

So there is great need to return to family structure and materialistic values should be ignored and need not to be controlling the mind snd heart.


Published by Shahzad Butt

well educated with positive approach for greater integration and understanding among humanity

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