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Russia deploys world’s fastest plane near US border

Russia deploys world’s fastest aircraft near US border Russia has deployed a group of its most advanced and fastest fighter jets near the US border, according to details provided by Russian media.In this regard, Russian military officials say that a group of MiG-31 fighter jets of the Russian navy has taken up combat duty in the Arctic. Russia has deployed a group of the world’s fastest MiG-31 interceptor fighter jets in the eastern Russian region of Chokotka to control Arctic airspace.This eastern part of Russia is close to the US state of Alaska.
It should be noted that in recent times, tensions between the United States and Russia have increased. Earlier this month, Russia successfully tested four ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons at sea. The missiles were fired from a submarine capable of carrying and launching 16 ballistic missiles. Aggressive measures are being taken against each other after the two countries deviated from the nuclear arms deal. In this situation, defense experts say that Russia and the United States are both major world powers, both countries need to make wise and patient decisions instead of making matters worse.


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