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Overseas employment, introduction of new system of protector for Pakistanis

Pakistan’s Bureau of Immigration has introduced a better protector system for Pakistanis wishing to go abroad for employment. Under this system, instead of a seal of protection, a machine-readable protector sticker similar to a visa will be affixed on the passport.

All the details of the immigrant going abroad will be printed on this sticker just like the visa. The sticker also has a number of security features, as well as a system for providing and protecting it in protectorate offices.

Kashif Noor, director general of the Bureau of Immigration, told Urdu News that the new protection system should be implemented from January 1. It used to be stamped on a piece of paper which can often be forged, but now a visa-like sticker has been printed from the Security Printing Corporation of Pakistan. There is no risk of fraud.

Citizens who obtain work visas and work permits to obtain employment abroad must obtain a protector on their documents from the Office of the Protectorate of Immigrants. Under domestic law, immigration officials cannot deport a citizen without a protector.

Immigration laws require citizens on work visas to bring their passports, visas and original employment documents, as well as photocopies and photographs, to the Office of the Protectorate of Immigrants. In addition to the protector’s fee, they have to deposit the challan amount along with the slip fee of the Welfare Fund and Overseas Identity Card.

In order to avoid this whole exercise, while the people going abroad seek convenience, the mafia hovering around the protectorate offices makes fake seals and puts fake protectors on the citizens, which not only deprives the citizens going abroad of many legal benefits. Yes, it also damages the national treasury.

The Bureau of Immigration and the FIA ​​have also launched several operations against such agents in various cities. In this context, the manual method of installing the protector is being abolished and the machine readable stator protector is being introduced from January 1, 2021.


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