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India spending billion dollars on terrorism against Pakistan:evidences presented

modified on12 PM-14 Nov,2020

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Saturday presented a dossier containing details of India’s state-sponsored terrorism being carried out in Pakistan.
“Today we have irrefutable facts that we will present before the nation and International community through this dossier,” said the foreign minister in a press conference along with Director General Inter Services Public Relations Major General Babar Iftikhar at the Foreign Office.
The press conference comes a day after the ISPR said that the Pakistan Army inflicted substantial losses on Indian troops. It had also said that the losses were also reported by the Indian media.
“You can see a pattern of constant ceasefire violations,” said Qureshi, adding that the dossier contains many details and some of them will be used at the “time of need”.
“World knows that when Pakistan was busy and partnering in world peace, India was surrounding Pakistan with a web of terrorism,” said the country’s top diplomat.
“India was allowing its land to be used against Pakistan for terrorism,” said the foreign minister. He added that New Delhi not only used its own soil but also made use of neighbouring countries to “attack Pakistan”.
The foreign minister said that India that used to claim itself as the world’s biggest democracy due to its actions is becoming a “rogue state”.
“We have information and evidence on which we can say that India is promoting state terrorism,” said Qureshi. He added that India has developed a plan to destabilise Pakistan.
The country’s top diplomat said that the information was “not new” for him but “time” had come for Islamabad take the nation and international community into confidence.
“I feel that by remaining more silent it will not be in [favour] of Pakistan and the peace and stability of this region,” said Qureshi.
‘India has there objectives’ in Pakistan
Foreign Minister Qureshi explained that India has three objectives in Pakistan which includes causing problems in country’s step towards peace, economic and political instability.
“Their first objective is to create hinderance in Pakistan’s move towards peace, ” said the foreign minister. He added that New Delhi has not accepted that Pakistan has defeated terrorism and is moving towards peace.
The minister said to achieve this New Delhi was promoting “nationalism and sub nationalism” in Gilgit Baltistan, erstwhile FATA and Balochistan.
Qureshi said the second objective for India was to ensure that Pakistan does not become economically stable.
“A wall is created to our path towards prosperity,” said Qureshi. He cited the example of the FATF’s plenary meeting saying India was trying to push Pakistan to the blacklist.
“Their third objective is political instability.


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