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Governments, Corporations or Individuals, Who Can Stop Climate Change?

The ecological crisis is at a tipping point. If we do not reduce the output of greenhouse emissions dramatically by 2030, we will trigger a catastrophic series of events which will be irrepressible. It is projected by The Grantham Institute on Climate Change that if we continue along our current path then in 2070 70-90 million people will be affected by flooding while two billion people will struggle with increased water scarcity. The impact will be so significant that millions of people will die and pressures on the Western states will cause a total political and economic collapse. This is a truly global issue that requires dramatic change across the world, however, will the individuals changing their behaviour stop climate change.

Governments, Corporations or Individuals, Who Can Stop Climate Change?

Published by Shahzad Butt

well educated with positive approach for greater integration and understanding among humanity

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