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Have and Havenots

.Historically speaking the famous revolutions in different parts of the world like French Revolution ,Iranian Revolution MaosLong march in China and like others were either originated out of wider gap between have and havenots or based on philosophies or religious beliefs.But more or less main focus behind all these revolutions had been growing economic concerns.Sometimes people were guided to rise against the sitting government for being tyrannical and economic injustices under the disguise of religions.Still the world nation states are facing same economic injustices for being a commercialized and corporate world.People are still struggling to survive and feed themselves.Their per capita income is far less to meet the dynamic and ever growing consumption pattern in every walk of life as against those who are exploiting them and amassing huge wealth which is not only frustating but creating hatred in their minds. The only difference is that now the democracies with their so called representatives are kindling their hopes for the better future as against tyrannical rule of  earlier decades


Published by Shahzad Butt

well educated with positive approach for greater integration and understanding among humanity

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