Socio,economic and political dilemma of developing countries

The dilemma of socio,economic and politics is growing in developing countries rapidly owing to poor governance, mismanagement, volatile law, making these societies more vulnerable to march along the development indicators.

Social indicators show poor literacy rate, low per capita income, health insurance .

Economic indicators show increasing gap in balance of trade and balance of payment position, strong realistic planning and research for conducive investment generating activities and above all taxation incentives where necessary.

Political indicators shows instability in governments in these countries, lack of education required for electing visionary leadership through democratic process.

The solution for such ills lie in awareness of rights and duties of the people,addressing the social issues like health education food and shelter compounded by strong economic measures focusing on saving and investment, regime of financial management, taxation and broad based fiscal and monetary policies for strong economy.

When the people will be satisfied socially and economically, there will be less reaction against the governments and will ultimately help to stabilize the elected governments through their greater participation.

Hence this integrative and interlinked social ,economic and political chain will improve the indicator of other.

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